Invisalign® : all you need to know 

Invisalign®, what is it? 

Invisalign® is a technique allowing to align the teeth thanks to removable aligners made to measure. It is recommended to wear them 22 hours a day except during meals and brushing. It is a method that is both discreet and comfortable. 

Today, it is popular with adults. Although wearing external braces has long been misunderstood. Since its arrival, the technique has broken with traditional methods and revolutionized the field of orthodontics. 

Who can follow the Invisalign® treatment? 

Before proposing the invisalign® method to his/her patient, the orthodontist must make sure that he/she is eligible. For a long time, limited to cases of malposition or minor shift, invisalign® makes it possible today to treat the majority of the instances of mainly aesthetic nature. 

The Invisalign® technique requires to be very diligent and to wear the aligners as much as possible. For this reason, the method is rarely prescribed to teenagers. 

What are the advantages of Invisalign®? 

The specificity of the Invisalign® method is the quasi-invisibility of the appliance. Indeed, everything is transparent and invisible. Thus, there is little chance that someone will notice. 

In addition to being removable, Invisalign® removable aligners are convenient. There are no problems with rubber band breakage or the metallic discomfort common to other orthodontic appliances. 

Generally less painful and less uncomfortable than traditional braces or lingual braces, the treatment seems faster if you want to move from canine to canine only. 

Invisalign® : is it painful ? 

The Invisalign® method is painless, apart from a feeling of pressure at each change of tray. Today, many patients treated with Invisalign® knew orthodontic treatments with rings at adolescence. They saw a difference in comfort between the two techniques. 

Do you use Invisalign in your  dental practice?

Yes! If you are looking for a dentist in lausanne who can align your teeth with invisible aligners your at the right place. Not only is dre Elodie Canavieira certified to implement invisalign aligners, but she has also used them herself! Thus, she has first hand experience to explain to you how it feels to use them on a daily basis.  Feel free to click on the button below for all the contact information you need of the dental office of ouchy. 


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